Rules for Exhibitors

Download RADECS 2018 Exhibitor Rules
Cancellation Deadline: Cancellation after May 2, 2018, is non-refundable. If cancellation is made before May 2, 2018, you will receive a credit to your paid registration less the Cancellation Fee of SEK 1000 excl. VAT.

RADECS 2018 Exhibitor Rules

Exhibit Hours: Every effort is being made to assure attendees' participation in the RADECS 2018 exhibit. For specific hours of the exhibit, please refer to the exhibit schedule. To encourage foot traffic, catered functions will be held in the exhibit area.

1. Contract: The exhibit registration payment, executed by the applicant, shall, upon written acceptance and notification of booth(s) assigned by the RADECS Committee or its agent, constitute a valid and binding contract.

2: Qualification for Exhibitor: Exhibitors must be manufacturers that produce products or perform services that conform to the subject matter covered by the RADECS technical program. RADECS reserves the right to accept or reject any exhibitor.

3. Exhibitor Space Rental Charge: Exhibiting space will be rented at 38,000 SEK for each 2x3 meter exhibit. Payment will be made through the RADECS 2018 website. Purchase orders are NOT accepted.

4. Cancellation Policy: Due to advance financial commitments, refunds in excess of the per-booth deposit (less any applicable credit card fees) requested after May 2, 2018 cannot be guaranteed. Consideration of requests for refunds will be processed after the conference. Requests sent prior to May 2, 2018, will be refunded, less any applicable credit card fees and service charges, within 30 days of the request.

5. Booth Materials Provided by the Conference: Each booth will be supplied with a 2x3 meter shell wall, one table, two chairs, electricity, Wi-Fi, trash can and company name sign.

6. Exhibitor Registration: Each exhibitor will receive two complimentary technical session registrations for each 2x3 meter booth rental. Additional staff must register as technical attendees. There are NO exhibit-only badges.

7. Security: The exhibit area will be locked during non-conference hours; however, exhibitors are asked to insure all exhibit material against loss or damage. RADECS, the exhibit site and their officers, employees, agents, and representatives will not assume or otherwise be responsible for any injury, loss or damage to the exhibitor, the exhibitor's officers, employees, agents, or representatives or their property, however caused. RADECS will provide a locked storage room for exhibitors use during the conference.

8. Service Contractor: All exhibitors will receive equipment and service order forms at least 45 days prior to the Conference.

9. Freight Movement: All freight sent to the Service Contractor will be placed in exhibit booths by the established setup time. Exhibitors may deliver their own equipment directly to the exhibit booths after that time.

10. Installation/Dismantling: Please refer to exhibit schedule for specific installation and dismantling times.

11. Compliance with Local Rules: Exhibitors assume responsibility for compliance with pertinent ordinances, regulations, and codes of duly authorized local, state and federal governing bodies concerning fire safety and health, and the rules and regulations of operators and owners of the property in which the exhibit is held.

12. Loss or Damage: Because of the tremendous value and peculiar nature of the exhibits it is impractical for either RADECS or the conference site to insure any exhibitor's equipment against loss, theft, or damage and breakage. Therefore, RADECS, the exhibit site, and their officers, employees, agents or representatives will not assume or otherwise be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to the exhibitor, the exhibitor's officers, employees, agents or representatives, or their property, however caused. In addition, the exhibitor must assume responsibility for property damage to the exhibit site and indemnity and hold harmless the exhibit site and RADECS, for all liability that might arise out of the exhibit activities, whether or not such liability includes the sole or joint negligence or the sponsor from any cause whatsoever, including property damage, accidents, or injuries to exhibitors, their agents and employees, or to any member of the general public. In view of the foregoing, exhibitors should place such insurance as they deem necessary on their equipment and exhibits and are urged to extend their public liability insurance to cover this exhibit and the contractual liability assumed therewith. Gothia Towers requires each exhibitor to advise their company has liability insurance.

Exhibit Chairs

Christian Chatry, Exhibit Chair, TRAD
Christian Chatry, TRAD
Cristina Plettner, Exhibit Chair, Airbus
Cristina Plettner, Airbus









Texas Instruments

Rymdstyrelsen - Swedish National Space Agency Sponsoring


Micropac Industries


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